to have the
Greatest impact

on the families served in our communities.


RCF’s services are essential to the community because there are limited programs here offering these specific types of healthcare and preventive services, even though the needs are high.

Health Education

Contact us regarding specific health questions or referrals for needed services. 

Educational Literature

Providing nutritional guidance and literature.



Seeking grant funding, partnerships, and financial support for ongoing expenses to provide our charitable services.

Improving the quality of life of families we serve

in the Rio Grande Valley community!

About us

Renaissance Cares Foundation (RCF)

Our vision is to create a culture of health and well-being in the Rio Grande Valley to prevent, treat, and/or manage medical conditions of individuals through outreach, education, research, charitable care, and family assistance.

The purpose of RCF is to provide structured programs that offer goods, services, and/or funds to economically disadvantaged individuals living in the Rio Grande Valley within our financial and charitable means. 


Frequently Asked Questions
RCF — Renaissance Cares Foundation — is a nonprofit organization that aims to support individuals in need with funding, resources, connections, and more.
Anyone — veterans, low-income students, the elderly, disabled individuals, single parents, unemployed adults, teenagers, and additional underserved populations — who requires funding or aid in accessing continued care, prescription medication, medical specialists, educational resources, or other types of support.
RCF raises money to help individuals in need or undergoing hardships to obtain the resources they need. This could come in the form of funds to obtain expensive prescription medication required for ongoing care; connecting patients with specialists or counselors; providing educational materials and events for health management and prevention; and other outreach efforts.

Whatever the need may be, you can submit a Request Assistance form on the website. Each request will be evaluated by the RCF board, and assistance will be approved within RCF’s budgetary limits.

Monetary donations are critical to RCF so it can provide necessary assistance to the community it serves. All donations are tax deductible, and are tailored to meeting individual needs and hardships that are reviewed and approved by a majority vote of the RCF board.

Donate and help RCF expand programs in the LRGV that allow us to serve thousands of families in need

Call us at Phone: 956-259-9969 to find out how.

Our vision is to recognize a need in the community and fulfill it. When we understood that Doctors Hospital at Renaissance had areas of the facility that lacked dedicated play spaces for children, we applied for a grant.
That grant has enabled us to purchase three PLAY touch tables and 12 mobile tablet carts. Promoting individual and collaborative play helps children cope with the emotional stress and trauma that might be present in a hospital setting.


Community Impact 

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The Team


Carlos J. Cardenas, M.D., Chairman

Martin Garza, M.D., Vice Chairman

Parul Desai, M.D., Treasurer

Ana Almeda, M.D., Board Secretary
Robert Martinez, M.D., Board Member
Laura Disque, MSN, CGRN
R. Armour Forse, M.D, Ph.D.

Felix Rodriguez -Board Member

Marisol Resendez – Board Member 

Ron Tupper, M.Sc., Executive Director

Contact Us

Interested in working together with the Renaissance Cares Foundation and making a difference ? Contact us today!

5501 S. McColl Road, 
Edinburg, TX 78539 

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Phone: 956-259-9969


To help meet the shortage needs of the area, a core function of RCF is to provide foundation learning, education, and training through a holistic approach. 


5501 S. McColl Road,
Edinburg, TX 78539

Phone: 956-259-9969